Art Work

I take commissions for a variety of different projects. Scalable digital emotes, illustrations, social bannars and avatars, conceptual art, photo manipuations, graphic designs, and brand assets.
Basically, I'm an artist and love it!!

Live Streaming

Live painting and practice where we can relax and enjoy art together. Redline Session streams for those that want to ask me questions or request feedback on their own artwork. I also stream my work proccess on Skyrim modding, and I Let's Play Elder Scrolls Online where I voice a sassy Khajiit.
"Ja'fith khaja!"

Free Monthly Art

Patrons and Twitch Subscribers get to request monthly art from me, which is posted publicly on Deviantart, the Discord community, and Patreon.
You are free to share any of these sketches on your social media as well as cropping them down for avatars, all I ask is that you credit me and spread the word!


Check out my socials. You can contact me freely on whichever platform is most comfortable for you!