"Creator of Art, Maker of Mods, and Player of Games"

A digital art witch living with optimistic nihilism.

I remember when I was in my senior year of college. I was in a digital art club, and during those last few days of before graduation, the club held an event where a professor and some alumni were going to offer advice for us budding artists who were ready to go out into the world and live their dream of creating. There was a point where the professor stood infront of us and said, look around you, most of you will not make it.
It was honest. He wanted us to know that life can often seem to be a constant struggle and when you have to choose between following your passions, or becoming financially stable, or even just putting food on the table, many of us have to make hard sacrifices. We were told to work harder than we ever had before, to live close to cities, and give bone and blood of the animal that we are in pursuit of our fabricated ambitions. But I was an idealist with a country heart. I wanted to find a way to make a good life for myself so that I could find balance surrounded by my passions and quiet places in nature. Where I could breathe softly, slow down, listen, and then finally, create.
We live our lives mostly dependent on working for others. Working on someone elses dreams in order to slowly fund your own. But so often a job becomes all encompacing and we forgo the slow work of our own special ambitions, or we struggle to find the time and energy to induldge them because they are not profitable.
But there is profit in endlessly persuing what you love and exploring who and what you truly are. To create unconditional content in a system that often favors the well off rather than those that may need beauty and wonder in their lives the most. To create is to bring joy to myself, and with luck, to you.
I hope you enjoy my work.


I love exploring character design and illustrations with thoughtful emotional impact.
I enjoy themes that are fantastical, dramatic, and romantic.

I take commissions hgfhdgf for a variety of creative projects such as illustrations, conceptual art, photo manipulations, digital emotes and other social/branding art.


Livestreams that alternate between digital painting, live gaming, and game modding for TESV: Skyrim. Moding streams currently cover work in the game engine, level design, cluttering, retexturing, and creation and integration of new assets. Painting streams highlight different workflows, techniques, and tools in Photoshop. PC game giveaways. ❤

TESV: Skyrim Mods

Modifications I've published through the years for the community to enjoy. Active development of my next Dark Brotherhood mod is streamed live on Twitch. All my mods are hosted only on Nexus Mods.

Dealing With Demons

An ongoing Chronicles of Amber text RPG campaign between @kerridwyn and I that we're hoping to adapt into a comic. Content will be avalible through Patreon. You will be able to read our behind the scenes raw roleplay as we create the story in real time (which will be heavily edited/modified for comic adaption) and see the development of concept art for our Art Bible/Style Guide.
(Can contain NSFW content and mature themes)


Physical things with my art on it. Prints, Totes, Shirts, Mugs

I take commissions for a variety of creative projects such as illustrations, conceptual art, photo manipulations, digital emotes and other social/branding art.
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If you enjoy my work then please click the image and check out my Patreon. Support of just a dollar or two helps more than you know. Currently Patrons can access an exclusive monthly nature centric vlog and art rewards.