Engage through love, Act with care, Leave behind value

Digital artist, sometimes Youtuber, tech geek, minimalist, self-development nerd

I am an idealist with a country heart. I want to find a good life for myself surrounded by my passions and quiet places in nature. To create is to bring joy to myself, and with luck, to you.
I hope you enjoy my work.


I love exploring character design and illustrations with thoughtful emotional impact.
I enjoy themes that are fantastical, dramatic, and romantic.

I take commissions for a variety of creative projects such as illustrations, conceptual art, photo manipulations, digital emotes and other social/branding art.
Contact me on my socials for a quote.


Videos and livestreams that alternate between enjoying creative content and creating it. I also offer PC and retro game giveaways to loyal viewers. ❤

TESV: Skyrim Mods

Modifications I've published through the years for the community to enjoy. All my mods are hosted only on Nexus Mods.


Physical things with my art on it. Prints, Shirts, Notebooks. More to come.


If you enjoy my work then please click the image and check out my Patreon. Support of just a dollar or two helps more than you know. Currently Patrons can access an exclusive monthly nature and mental health centric vlog, Steam game keys, and art rewards.